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Yea, I'm different. Deal with it.


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It’s finally here: Today is the Day of Silence! Reblog to show your support for everyone who’s participating. 


Kiss with passion, or not at all.

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An up-close look at the Cardinals’ 2013 National League Champions ring.

The Stan inscription, you guys. 


bringing back a tradition. view from my seat, opening day edition! #stlcardinals #cardinals #stl #openingday (at Busch Stadium)


this hurt my feelings omg

It just seemed so right to have Carp pitch to Matheny. I think that was the best decision they could make for the home opener first pitch


cardinals hall of fame and museum! #openingday #stl #stlcardinals #stlouis

STL Cards Opening Day


STL Cards Opening Day


Cincinnati Reds vs St. Louis CardinalsIt’s here again. A “St. Louis Holiday”. The St. Louis Cardinals home opener.

It’s funny, really. The home opener is such a beloved day for Cardinal Nation, when someone says opening day, it is never followed by “Of what?”. Everyone in St. Louis somehow immediately knows that you mean the St. Louis Cardinals home opener. A day for fans to enjoy baseball, Clydesdales, hall of famers and so much…

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Even the most sexed up man in all of history knew that taking advantage of women was never ok.

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Oh Myyy…I hope MANY of the young fans have no idea.

I just made either the greatest, or dumbest, decision of my life.


Congrats to Waino on his 100th career win!

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